To Mrs Reynolds' Cat

The poets of the romanticism movement.
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"…despite an uneasy start to Hunt’s prison term, the governor of Surrey Gaol soon realised that he had to make life comfortable for his new inmate. Hunt’s family was allowed to move in; he wrote and edited The Examiner from his cell, and was permitted to receive visitors until 10 o’clock. Rose-trellised wallpaper adornesd his cell walls along with a pianoforte, a lute, busts of the great poets and bookcases filled with the works of Chaucer, Spenser, Milton and Dryden. Charles Lamb declared that 'there was no other such room except in a fairy tale.'

Besides Lamb and his sister, visitors included Byron, Hazlitt and Haydon.”

-James Henry Leigh Hunt's spell in Horsemonger Lane Prison after calling the Prince Regent names (Romanticism, 3rd Edition, Blackwell)
  • 27 February 2012
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